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EAM –Social Transformation sees this as an opportunity to assist in the drive to alleviate poverty in Ghana. We have sought to do this through various interventions in areas like education, medicals and any need that may arise for both children and adults. Our focus this year has largely centred oneducation and health.

We believe that when people are educated they are better able to respond to their health needs and that of their families and contribute to the well- being of their communities. But the foundations of such life skills are largely set at school.

Good health on the other hand, supports successful learning. Children improve on school attendance, learn better and maximize social relationships and interactions at school and at home, thus improving their chances of balanced development towards responsible adulthood.

As you partner with us through your prayer, presence and financial contribution we will build the lives of people: One person at a time, one family at a time, and one community at a time, towards a better future.

We acknowledge and appreciate greatly the support we have enjoyed from you so far.

Thank you.